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Tra i Mondi - Carin Gruddas Skulpturenpark


Who wants to San Lorenzo to the beach, almost inevitably comes past him, the Cerberus. From Cerberus in Greek mythology, however, the sculpture has little, despite their impressive size. A tail would you rather trust him, he would not cast in bronze. The kids certainly love him, can stand on his broad back, which is already geschubbert completely blank. Even the open mouth, a smile playing around the seemingly, have already touched many hands. Art you can touch - often adopted the concept so obvious as here. The creator of Cerberus, Carin Grudda, lives and works not far away in Lingueglietta.

Behind the mountain village runs a narrow path down through the olive groves. When, after some

 While, again, leads up and show up on the last steep part of the increase in right and left painted wooden posts, one is almost arrived and is faced with the "big woman" who keeps his arms open wide in welcome. The expansive as semi-open design studio under one roof, surprised. A stone fireplace provides on chilly days for a pleasant climate. Here, caused large-scale paintings, wooden objects, small sculptures and graphics. The large bronze designs and pours in Gudensberg artist born in Rome, near Kassel.

"I begin, I start, I have an idea, but I do not know where this idea leads me." Intentionality as a concept, "just as the snow rhythmically distributed on trees." Tons of clay moves the 55-year-old on his way into form. On pouring themselves creates a hand-breaking work. The production is time consuming and always uncertain in its outcome. Here, too, gives the artist the chance of application. "The system of chance and order one for me also the theme of metamorphosis, which means constant change, understand but not as a goal-oriented development." The fact that Carin Grudda next studied art history and philosophy, is in conversation with her repeatedly and clearly. After many stations (Rome, Madrid, Paris, Miami, Lanzarote) of the human and artistic becoming finally comes in Liguria, where she finds the painting to dry point and in 1998 finally to bronze. Today, many of their works in public ownership, its 5 meters large "blue-Meow" has recently started an adventurous trip to Neuchatel, where it will be for one year, a guest at the Center Dürrenmatt () Click on the photos to enlarge.

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  If Carin Grudda home in Lingueglietta, they can often find on the beach, next to her dog, Onyx. It collects floating debris - "material that has ever had a life and reports on these tracks," explains the artist. Hence the "trace 'came into existence on plates assembled and cast in bronze shoes, shoes, bottle caps, Hozstücke, rusty cans ... As a frontier worker" has been Carin Grudda p1010429.jpg
  "Already referred to as" witch "and" alchemist ", as" witch who knows the things to ban, with conspiratorial Medusa, which can stop the time and associated with death "(Gabriele Mina, Savona) in an unpublished manuscript. "Between the Worlds (Mondi Tra i) is not by chance Carin Gruddas sculpture garden on the 5th July 2008 with a big party reopened see wurde.Zu are new works by the artist, but also "old friends" as the Pegasus. The extensive grounds of the sculpture is the space that they need and the leisure of the viewer to focus on it admit to stroll with a glass of wine and a map in his hand around to enjoy the sea view and to hold dialogues with the "wolf" and small "blue-Miau". p1010434.jpg
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